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We at Vibbhinna Designer Boutique and Fabric Store offer you contemporary dresses to suit your style. We have a fashion design studio, designing attires for women and children of all the age for all the occasions and daily wear. Vibbhinna is located at Jayanagar in Bangalore. We design both western, traditional, and also men’s suits as per the requirement.

Vibbhinna also runs a fashion academy helping people learn and fine tune the art of fashion designing and understanding the subject. Our quest is to help them from becoming more educated on fashion and also helping budding fashion designers and entrepreneurs.

Vibbhinna Party Wear and Bridal Blouse

Why us?

India is a culturally rich and diverse nation and the sense of fashion differs from state to state. It is an arduous task to cater to the fashion needs of many from different ethnicities under one roof. Thus the brand Vibbhinna was born to gratify the fashion needs of women and children bringing exclusively to you the Indian cultural potpourri interwoven with élan and style.

Vibbhinna strongly advocates that in order to impress the right kind of people, you have to embrace and achieve success. You may also want to feel good. Hence if you dress good, you automatically tend to feel good. This is a cascading effect and you tend to influence all around you with your positive and assertive thoughts and actions. When you walk with confidence with your dressing sense, you will find yourself in good company and motivate yourself towards excellence. Stay elegant, charming, and stylish as you set a whole new trend and flaunt your grace around with Vibbhinna!

Our Speciality

Indian bridal wear is known for its rich and vibrant colours, intricate embroidery, and exquisite designs. Traditional bridal attire varies across different regions of India, with the most popular being the lehenga-choli or saree. Brides often adorn themselves with jewellery, such as heavy necklaces, earrings, and bangles. With a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, we at Vibbhinna believe that the Indian bridal wear continues to inspire and awe people across the world.

Vibbhinna specializes in bridal wear especially from pre-wedding events to all the wedding events. We also take pride in designing costumes for TV shows, award events, IPL and other major events. We offer a unique and contemporary twist on traditional Indian bridal attire. With a focus on customization, each piece is made-to-measure and crafted with attention to detail. From bold and vibrant colours to modern silhouettes and unconventional fabrics, Vibbhinna bridal wear offers something for every bride looking for something different. With a perfect balance of tradition and innovation, Vibbhinna is redefining the Indian bridal wear landscape.

Vibbhinna Party Wear

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Mon to Sat: 10AM – 8PM

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